Zakat Al-Maal & Zakat Al-Fitr 1435H / 2014G

Assalamu Aalaykum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatu,

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Islamic Society of Victoria (Preston Mosque) is accepting Zakat Al-Fitr and Zakat Al-Maal. Zakat Al-Fitr & Zakat Al-Maal will be forwarded to the needy across the world.

We are all aware that Zakat Al-Fitr must be paid before the Eid prayer for your fasting to be accepted. And Zakat Al-Maal must be paid on your wealth to purify it.

Islamic Museum of Australia

The Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA) is a not-for-profit foundation founded in May 2010 with the purpose of establishing the first Islamic Museum in Australia. It aims to showcase the rich artistic heritage and historical contributions of Muslims in Australia and abroad. Fascinating stories, interactive displays and exquisite art exhibits will provide an insight into the Australian Muslim experience for tourists, school groups and other visitors.

This Museum will enhance the spectrum of community museums in multicultural Australia and open a much needed window into Australian Muslim life.


The Islamic Museum of Australia is a community foundation with the vision of establishing a leading cultural institution to showcase and preserve the arts, history, culture and rich heritage that Islam and Muslim societies have brought to the world and more importantly Australia.


The centre will provide educational and cross-cultural experiences and showcase the artistic and cultural heritage of Muslims in Australia and in Muslim societies abroad.

It aims to foster community harmony and facilitate an understanding of the values and contributions of Muslims to Australian society.


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Violence in Syria

Email received from Australian Federal Police

Good Afternoon,

You would be aware of the ongoing violence in Syria.  The Australian Government understands that many people in our community are concerned and affected by the ongoing conflict.  As such, we have developed a fact sheet which outlines what our Government is doing about the conflict, ways community members can support the Syrian people and legal issues that community members should be aware of.

We encourage you to distribute this Fact Sheet to your community contacts. If you would like any further information or have any feedback on the fact sheet, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.



Presentation by Robert Stary

Firstly, here is a link to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979 for your reference.

I'd like to make it clear that Robert Stary is not an ordinary lawyer. He did not charge a fee to present the information session at the mosque because he is passionate about helping the Muslim community who he believes is being oppressed. His dealings with the cases of Jack Thomas and the Melbourne 13 (Melbourne terror trial) etc. have been a means for him to increase his knowledge of true Islam and not Islam portrayed by media outlets. He said his children attend a school with many Muslim students and he thinks it's crucial that they also have a proper understanding of Islam.